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Mike Shinoda

Here’s my latest drawing. Took me ages to get it done.



Latest drawings.

Titles says it all…

Forgive the unfinished Sherlock drawing… I lost motivation at the top of the Big Ben, bad me.

Colors on black paper.

This is the only drawing I’ve made with that style. Not satisfied at all, but gave it away nonetheless.


Jared Leto.


White pencil on black paper.

Insane hair tearing technic. Had to learn patience (which I clearly haven’t) for those.

Opie Winston (Sons of Anarchy – gotta love that guy) and Matthew Bellamy.

Ink pen drawings.

Kinda love that technic as it requires some self-confidence in your skills. Obviously, the drawings are full of flaws but who cares? 😉

Matt Smith and Dominic Howard.

Oldies but goldies.

Those drawings were made long ago. Pardon me for the lame quality, but I gave them away and those pics are the only I have.

Franky Costanza (Dagoba’s drummer)


Auron ( Final Fantasy X) – Yeah, I was (still am?) obsessed with that badass character!

First sketches.

Those are pretty much old. My first (and only) try with that style… Didn’t approve.


A Little Word

First of all, welcome to y’all. I will post various things on this blog, anything that crosses my mind. So be prepared for some crazy ride as I can be unpredictable… But I’ll mainly post my art. Hope you’ll have a good time.

Thank you for visiting,